5 Common Skin Care Myths Debunked

Top 5 Skin Care Myths Debunked

Not all skin care advice is created equal. Past myths from old wives tales and tips found in sources like magazines and Youtube videos have plagued the skin care industry with false information. Our estheticians at The Village Spa are here to clear the air on common skin care myths and share what’s really the best approach to skin.

Myth #1: Natural, 100% pure products are better than other skin care products.

While we love that the skin care industry has turned to a more organic approach in the last couple of years, the trend has caused some confusion about what we should be using on the face. If organic is good, why can’t we just simply go to the grocery store to find popular skin care ingredients in their purest form?

The problem is 100% natural isn’t always better for our skin. Take coconut oil, for example. Coconut oil is commonly listed as a level 4 out of 5 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it has a high likelihood of clogging the pores and creating breakouts. Lemon juice is another example of an organic ingredient that is recommended in DIY skin care tutorials. However, lemon juice is more acidic than your skin and may cause your skin to blister or draw out pigmentation.

When in doubt, it’s best to stick to products that have been actually formulated for the face and backed by clinical trials.

Myth #2: You can shave your face at home to get the same results as dermaplaning.

You may have seen at-home face shaving as a popular technique used to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Makeup artists and beauty gurus alike have recommended to their audience to buy the disposable razors at the drugstore. The problem with using a dull razor for removing the hair? You’ll probably feel a bit of stubble when it grows back.

Our dermaplaning facial is our most popular facial treatment, where our esthetician removes the vellus hair with a surgical blade. We angle the blade to remove not only the hair, but also dead skin cells that a standard razor cannot exfoliate. With dermaplaning, the fine facial hair grows back as normal too.

Myth #3: You should go tanning and avoid using SPF to help with your vitamin D intake.

Let’s be clear: sun protection is extremely important! Any advice that suggests comprising your skin with tanning beds or sun exposure is absolutely not in your best interest. UVB rays can burn the skin,, and UVA rays can age the skin by destroying elastin and collagen.

Despite claims you need X amount of time outside each day to have healthy levels, vitamin D deficiency is hardly an epidemic. Dr. Insogna, an MD at Yale Medicine, states:

“Just being outdoors, you get a fair amount of sun exposure and some sun-related generation of vitamin D. Because skin cancer, particularly melanoma, can be such a devastating disease, it’s best to use sunblock when outdoors in strong sunlight for any prolonged length of time.”

Myth #4: You’ll age faster when you wear makeup daily.

Both genetics and environmental factors cause our skin to age. Genetics only accounts for 10-20% of how we age. Factors like sun exposure, drinking, and smoking are more likely to accelerate the aging process. However, wearing makeup is not considered an environmental factor that causes aging. If anything, improper removal of makeup can lead to clogged pores, but not wrinkles.

Myth #5: You don’t need an eye cream until you see signs of aging.

It seems like the skin care industry is always pushing for consumers to buy more than what they need. An eye cream may not seem as crucial as a cleanser, serum or moisturizer, but we recommend it for even those in their 20s. On your face, the skin is the thinnest around the eyes and usually shows signs of aging first. A huge part of your anti-aging regimen should be preventative, as it’s harder to erase fine lines once they’ve already formed. We recommend Skin Script’s Tri-Peptide Eye Cream for soothing the delicate eye tissue.

Get in the know with your skin. Schedule your first facial at The Village Spa today. Call us at (317) 853-6350 or request an appointment online now.

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5 Helpful Tips for Your First Massage

First Massage Carmel

Relaxation should be made easy for clients, so that’s why we at The Village Spa are here to guide you through your first massage. Clients typically have similar starter questions, so it’s OK if you’re unsure about what to do before and after your appointment. When you book a massage, here are some pointers for your first time.


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Fresh New Products: Sorella Apothecary

New Products from Sorella Apothecary

Our skin care team at The Village Spa is thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our retail collection to Sorella Apothecary, a botanical, professional grade skin care line. With the perfect combination of organic ingredients and skin targeted treatments, this line is surely to have something for all skin types. Here’s the rundown of the current products we’re carrying:

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide at the Spa

Spa Gifts for Christmas 2018

As we’re already into the first week of December, the holidays are coming fast. Need some last minute gift ideas? We at The Village Spa have a variety of present options for your family or friend group. Whether you need a $15 gift idea for a coworker or want to treat your mom to a spa day, we truly have something for everyone.


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3 At-Home Tips to Help Maintain a Manicure

At-Home Tips to Help Maintain a Manicure in Carmel

At The Village Spa, we pride ourselves in our great nail technicians who prep the nails and polish to perfection. It takes quality products and application to ensure a long-lasting manicure, but there are also factors that affect the longevity of the polish. If you are rough on your nails, then it will likely lead to premature chipping and breaking. Here’s some at-home tips to maintain your manicure once you’re out of the salon.

1) Stop Peeling & Picking Now

Do you have a tendency to pick the corners of your nails? Whether it’s a habit out of nervousness or boredom, you need to break the cycle of picking at your nails. Our nails consist of 25 layers of keratinized skin cells, so peeling off the polish will also take of the top protective layers of your nails. To avoid thinning or weakening your nails, schedule your next classic or gel manicure instead of trying to remove them at home.

2) Don’t Use Your Nails as Tools

When it comes to prying off packaging and opening jars and bottles, it’s hard to resist using your nails as leverage to tear off any tape or sealant. Replace using your nails and instead opt for an actual tool, such as scissors, knives, etc. Your nails will thank you for it.

3) Clean With Gloves

A huge way you can prevent chipping is by protecting your polish with gloves. From the scrubbing to the washing, doing the dishes is hard on your nails. Cleaning products can especially be abrasive on the skin, causing your nails to dry out and become brittle.

Ready to schedule your next manicure? Our nail services will get your hands looking pretty for your upcoming holiday party. Call us at (317) 853-6350 today or book online.

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How to Erase Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation — it’s often the number one concern clients have about their skin. However, years of sun damage is unlikely to fade with a singular approach to skin care. It takes time and continuous effort to ensure you’re not only treating current spots, but also avoiding future discoloration. Although erasing all pigmentation may be a hard goal to achieve, you can start taking these steps to lighten discoloration for an overall improved tone.

1) First Thing’s First: Be Proactive

From sun exposure to inflammation, pigmentation is caused by a variety of reasons. If you have post-inflammatory marks created by acne, break the habit of picking cysts and pustules to prevent more marks. Instead, spot treat the area with a topical salicylic product, like SkinScript’s Blemish Spot Treatment.

Another way to be proactive is to always wear an SPF of at least 30. If you aren’t protecting your skin, you’re putting the areas that are already pigmented at risk of darkening even more. Direct sun exposure makes freckles and age spots more pronounced because the melanin in the skin absorbs the UV rays. For UV protection, we recommend Sorella Apothecary’s line of high quality SPFs.

2) Use Professional-Grade Products

Over-the-counter products may be affordable and easy to obtain, but your skin is not getting the best ingredients and benefits compared to professional skin care products. In our facials, we use products from SkinScript that deliver pigment fighting ingredients to your skin’s active melanocytes. For example, lactic, arbutin, and kojic acids in our Lemon Zest Enzyme work to brighten the skin for a radiant glow after a facial. For at-home care, we highly recommend using our Glycolic and Retinol Pads that resurface the skin and lighten existing pigmentation naturally.

3) Schedule a Series of Chemical Peels

Once you’ve kicked the bad skin habits and are using a professional skin care line, your skin is properly prepped for chemical peels. For maximum results, it is best to have peels done in a series in order to lift the pigmentation gradually over time. Our Oasis Series is a program we created to give clients a series of four chemical peels and one dermaplane facial in an 8-week period. See the results for yourself!

Need help with getting started? Schedule your first facial at The Village Spa in Carmel today! Call us at (317) 853-6350 or book online now.

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5 Things You Need to Know about FarmHouse Fresh

5 Things About FarmHouse Fresh

We’re obsessing over our new product line at The Village Spa in Carmel, and for a good reason, too. FarmHouse Fresh is a natural skincare company with products that we’re thrilled about using in our pedicures and body treatments. Plus, we’ve got an Instagram-worthy retail display that’ll make even the cows jealous. See how FarmHouse Fresh differs with its local flair and animal-conscious products.

1) 100% Natural Ingredients

Each product at FarmHouse Fresh is crafted around food and drink themes, using 100% natural fruits, vegetables, and milks. From body polishes made with organic vodka to cooling avocado butter masks, FarmhHouse Fresh delivers on natural ingredients. If an ingredient can be harvested, snipped, or baked, this product line is sure to bring it to life through skincare.

2) Made with Love in the U.S.A.

Supporting local business is a huge part of our spa, as we are a small, family-owned operation here in The Village of Westclay in Carmel. FarmHouse Fresh proudly makes all products in the United States. Even their baskets, tabletop displays, and tote bags are handmade in the U.S.A.

3) Vegan & Cruelty-Free

FarmHouse Fresh is strict in their use of the term vegan, so if honey is in the product, it will be labeled accordingly as not vegan. 99% of their products are vegan or gluten-free. The company is also certified by PETA as cruelty-free.

4) Eye-Catching Packaging

From glass containers to useful pumps, everything about FarmHouse Fresh’s packaging is grand. Not only do the products smell fantastic, but they look great displayed on your countertop or vanity. The company even offers adorable gift sets that include fan favorites for at-home body care.

5) Always Changing

We at The Village Spa are particularly excited about FarmHouse Fresh due to their ability to always keep things… fresh! Their protocols for spa treatments change seasonally, bringing in new sensory products catered to the time of year. From rum punch aromas to bright notes of citrus, FarmHouse Fresh has a scent for every mood.

Interested in learning more about what we have to offer at The Village Spa? Call us at (317) 853-6350, or book online now.

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3 Updates on What We Know About Sunscreen

Updates to SPF Formula

The best aging secret isn’t a miraculous product worth hundreds of dollars. If you spend any time in the sun (yes, that means even 10 minutes), the number-one thing you can do to prevent age spots, wrinkles, and discoloration is to protect your skin with SPF. Here at The Village Spa located in Carmel, we share the most recent advancements in SPF that provide you with ample protection from the sun.

1) UVA vs. UVB Protection

In the late ’80s, almost all of the research concerning sunscreens was devoted to UVB protection. Even though UVB is the primary burning ray, UVA is now recognized as the primary contributor to aging the dermis. Even on the market today, Sun Protection Factor (SPF) only shows the rating for how much UVB is screened, but not UVA. Even if a product claims UVA protection, there is no regulation for actually testing how much UVA is absorbed. We recommend using a higher value SPF in the 30-50 range to screen some of the ultraviolet rays in the lower UVA spectrum.

2) Won’t Help a Visible Burn

You need to reapply sunscreen every two hours in addition to reapplying after swimming or sweating. However, a common misconception is that if the skin shows sign of redness, you need to lather on more SPF to prevent additional burning. With the skin already desensitized to the sun, the small amount of UV protection that the sunscreen can’t stop will continue to burn the skin. If your skin is turning red, get out of direct sunlight immediately.

3) No Such Thing as Sunblock

Previously, the FDA said that products that provided a minimum of SPF 12 could be marketed as sunblocks. In 1999, the term sunblock was ruled as not an honest way to describe SPF. An SPF 15 protects 93% of UV rays, SPF 30 provides 97% protection, and SPF 50 covers 98%. From there, the percent difference between an SPF 50 and higher ratings is so small that full protection is unattainable. You cannot protect your skin from 100% of UV rays, so actual “sunblock” is a false claim.

Need professional skin-care advice from a professional? The staff at The Village Spa can address your skin concerns and discuss any of our facials we offer in Carmel, IN. Call us today at (317) 853-6350, or book online now!

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Introducing Skin Script at The Village Spa

Skin Script Products in Carmel

Offering a luxury spa experience means that each facet of your visit affords pampering and rejuvenation. At The Village Spa in the heart of The Village of WestClay in Carmel, we are dedicated to offering our customers the ultimate spa experience using the best products for superior results. In addition to using Image Skincare professional skin care line, we are excited to announce our new skin care line called Skin Script RX!

Skin Script RX: Professional Skincare Products

Achieve the Ultimate in Skin Care Perfection with Professional Products from Skin Script RXIntegrity & Intention
Skin Script RX is a skin care line that was created by an aesthetician for use by aestheticians. Our passions and professions are dedicated to understanding skin and skin care treatments to give our clients the best experience with gentle and effective products. The makers of Skin Script RX value quality and integrity in the making, testing, and manufacturing of their products. Their love of humans and animals alike means there is no animal testing in the creation of these products.

Quality Ingredients

We are so passionate about Skin Script RX because of its natural, paraben-free products specially formulated for gentle, effective treatment of all skin types and ethnicities. Manufactured in the United States means there is close control over the formulation of this product.

Effective Results

The Skin Script RX product line is specially designed for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun damage, teen and adult acne, and rosacea. The natural ingredients with antioxidant and exfoliating effects transform the skin for natural brightness and results. Each client receives a customized treatment with active ingredients including retinols, glycolics, lactics, salicylics, and natural lighteners specifically combined to bring out the best in your skin.

Featuring the best in professional-grade products, we are proud to offer our clients facials, nails, massages, and microblading services, and we provide the best in luxury and comfort to achieve a healthy complexion. Contact The Village Spa at (317) 853-6350 to book your spa treatment today!

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