How to Plan Your Spa Day

At The Village Spa located in the westside of Carmel, we get requests for spa services that last a whole morning, afternoon, or even the day. From graduation celebrations to bridal parties, we have hosted spa days for a variety of occasions. Our spa parties typical consist of a group of 6 people or smaller. If you would like to plan a day at our spa, we have some recommendations to help you get started.

1) Do a Head Count

The very first step in planning your spa day is to determine how many people will be in your group. Whether you’re a mother-daughter duo or a group of five looking for services, narrowing down your list will help us determine our availability for that day. It’s best to count on those who are firm in their attendance, otherwise we may not be able to accommodate last minute cancellations or additions to the group.

2) Figure Out the Services

Once you have a list of people who are committed to the day, we recommend seeing which services people would be interested in getting. We have our nail area in the front and three lovely rooms available for body treatments, massage, and facials. To help decide how many services each person should get, consider how long you would like to be at the spa. For example, if you plan on spending three hours at the spa, then something like our Cottage Package would be perfect.

3) Schedule Everything Out

Once you have the number of clients and potential services, we can take things from here! Although we offer convenient online booking, depending on the size of your group, it’s best to call our owner Cathy at (317) 853-6350 to ensure we can accommodate your preferences for your spa day. We offer complimentary water, tea, and wine on the day of your services, but if you would like additional refreshments, feel free to bring your own.