Relaxing Massage Services

Feel Like a New Person

There’s nothing quite like the power of a relaxing and indulgent massage to relieve stress and melt away tension. Take a moment for yourself with our massage services at The Village Spa in Carmel.

  • We have a menu of various therapeutic massage styles.
  • Our heated tables provide instant comfort for your body.
  • We use aromatherapy to help induce relaxation.

As with any of our spa services, we attend to our clients’ specific needs, so we always discuss the areas of your body that need the most TLC. Call us today at (317) 853-6350 or request a massage online.


Focus: sensory spa experience

Exclusive to The Village Spa, our Signature Massage is a head-to-toe experience featuring a scalp massage, hot stones, and a foot scrub.

Available in our Couples Package as a duet service.

90 min | $189


Focus: easing mind & body

Our Relaxation Massages uses long, flowing massage techniques used to help increase blood and lymph circulation. Best for those looking to relax and improve overall health.

50 min | $109
80 min | $149
110 min | $189


Focus: firm, mindful pressure

Deep Tissue Massage has a range of massage pressure and techniques used to work through layers or muscle to get to the source of the problem. Best for athletes or overworked bodies.

50 min | $129
80 min | $169
110 min | $209


Focus: warmth & muscle relief

Relaxation style massage with the added benefit of heated stones, which can prevent muscle spasms, tension and promote deeper relaxation.

50 min | $129
80 min | $169
110 min | $209


Focus: relief for those expecting (12+ weeks)

Our Prenatal Massage features light to moderate pressure to reduce pain, aid in sleep, and increase mobility. We also offer pillows to help keep you comfortable during all stages of pregnancy.

50 min | $109
80 min | $149


Seasonal treatment

[LIMITED TIME: JUNE 1 – AUGUST 31] Unwind with refreshing citrus notes! Our massage for the summer features a coconut mango lotion for the entire body. For your back, you’ll receive dry brushing and a citrus collagen mask for added hydration.

60 min | $139

Massage Add-ons



CBD is natural anti-inflammatory, improves blood pressure, aids in muscle recovery and joint health.



Benefits of cupping include the release of toxins from the muscles, breaking up of scar tissue, and renewal of cells.



Dry brushing is a full body exfoliation that increases blood circulation and promotes lymph flow.



Our Foot Therapy add-on is an additional 15 minutes of massage specifically targeted for your feet.

Ask a Massage Therapist

How should I undress for my massage?

While we recommend undressing to your comfort level, please note that our massage therapists use lotions during service, so undressing to your undergarments or without clothes is preferred.

You will be draped by the sheets during your service, and your therapist will only uncover the part of the body they are working on.

Why do I need to disclose my health information?

It is important to list all health concerns and medications so your massage therapist can adapt the session to your specific needs without doing any harm. It is also important to list any allergies so the therapist is aware if he/she needs to use a different oil or lotion during the session.

How often should I be getting a massage?

The frequency of massage appointments is varies based on a client’s needs. Consult your massage therapist after your appointment to see what they suggestions for your specific concerns.

Can I get a massage if I'm pregnant?

Yes, but you must be 12+ weeks along in your pregnancy.

For expecting mothers in their second and third trimester, our massage therapists may accommodate with pillows for added comfort when you lay down for the service.

What if I don't like a certain part of the body massaged?

If you have specifications for what areas you do and/or don’t want to be the focus of your massage session, please inform your therapist and they will adjust accordingly. We’re here to make you feel your best!

Can I book a massage for a loved one?

Absolutely! Our two treatment rooms for massage flex as duet rooms if you would like the door open during your scheduled massages. If not, we can also accommodate your two massages at the same time in private rooms as well.

We recommend choosing the same duration for your services together, but if one likes a firmer pressure you can always customize your appointments as (1) 50-min Relaxation Massage and (1) 50-Min Deep Tissue Massage, for example.

Book your massage appointment!

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