5 Helpful Tips for Your First Massage

Relaxation should be made easy for clients, so that’s why we at The Village Spa are here to guide you through your first massage. Clients typically have similar starter questions, so it’s OK if you’re unsure about what to do before and after your appointment. When you book a massage, here are some pointers for your first time.

1) Arrive Early

A golden rule with your first massage appointment is to arrive not just on time, but actually early. How early you ask? Well, you don’t have to camp out overnight before the day of your appointment. However, coming just 15 minutes ahead of your expected time makes a world of difference. During your wait time, you’ll fill out a one page form that informs your massage therapist of your medical history and areas of concern.

2) Silence Your Cell Phone

Just when you’re almost near that moment of zen, your phone vibrates with an email message or someone from work tries to call you. This is your time for relaxation, so we recommend silencing any distractions. Make sure all electronics, including smart watches, are powered off or on mute. Trust us, you’ll thank us for the uninterrupted “you” time.

3) Communicate With Your Therapist

Our massage therapists are here to ensure you are comfortable. The intake form will give your therapist an indication of any areas of discomfort, but if you want to go over a specific part of your medical history that is causing extra aches and pain, our therapist will gladly go over ways to make your massage more relaxing. We can always adjust pressure or focus on one particular area more than others.

4) Drink Plenty of Water

Water isn’t just a courtesy given after a massage — it’s a necessity for regulating your metabolic waste. When your muscles are tight, your circulation is constricted and unable to flush out waste properly. Getting a massage helps release the circulatory pathways and eliminate nitrogenous waste. Fuel your kidneys by drinking plenty of water after your massage.

5) Rebook As Needed

Once your massage is over, you’ll find relief in area of tensions. However, this feeling is not permanent. When you go back to your daily routine of typing or lifting items with incorrect posture, your areas of discomfort will likely return again. Our massage therapist can recommend the best time frame to rebook again to work through your knots and trouble areas for optimal results.

Interested in scheduling your first massage? Call our staff at The Village Spa at (317) 853-6350 to book your appointment today.