Peel Season 101: What You Need To Know About Chemical Peels

Ahhhhhh! The brilliant season of fall is upon us. The sun isn’t nearly as prominent as it was in the summer. That means it’s prime season now for chemical peels.

From pigmentation concerns to anti-aging benefits, chemical peels deliver highly concentrated ingredients to the skin’s active melanocytes. Simply put, you’re getting benefits beyond what an at-home scrub or lightening serum can do. Chemical peels are best done in a series, and your esthetician may suggest a series of the same peel or different peels to target varies skin concerns. Here’s our treatment tips and list of chemical peels available at The Village Spa.

Plan Ahead With a Peel

With the majority of the facial services at our spa, there’s little to no downtime for skin recovery. Chemical peels, on the other hand, do require a bit of planning. Namely, you should avoid direct sun exposure after a peel. The treatment may also result in noticeable peeling of the skin within 3-5 days.

If you’re traveling or going to an event, you may want to hold off on getting a peel in that timeframe. Although with COVID-19 restrictions, you may be at home more than usual. Looks like it’s perfect opportunity to book chemical peels throughout the fall and winter for maximum results!

Consult With Your Esthetician

We created our peel menu with all skin types in mind. Peels are great for general anti-aging concerns and also pigmentation issues caused by the sun or previous acne. While you may be eager to start your journey to a more even skin tone, we recommend starting with a Classic Facial or Dermaplane Facial first, so our esthetician can properly assess your skin. Here’s our range of peels that we may suggest for you:

Bye-Bye Sun Damage Peel

Formulation: 15% azelaic acid, 5% arbutin acid, and 2% kojin acid
Who’s it good for: Safe for all skin types, including those of African American dissent
What does it treat: hyperpigmentation, melasma, and acne

The Acne Peel

Formulation: 25% salicylic acid
Who’s it good for: Clients with acneic skin; clients with signs of aging and calloused skin could also benefit from the peel
What does it treat: acne and deep wrinkles

The Ultimate Peel

Formulation: Jessner combination of 14% resorcinol, 14% lactic and 14% salicylic Acid
Who’s it good for: Clients with resilient skin; only advised for use on light to medium skin tones
What does it treat: sun damage, melasma, and acne

Take Care of Your Skin

After receiving a chemical peel, you’ll need to follow a few precautions. As we mentioned previously, sun exposure is not ideal, as your skin is sensitized and at risk of developing more sun damage without protection. Apply SPF religiously after your peel, and don’t forget to reapply every two hours.

You’ll also want to avoid any forms of exfoliation at home for the next 4-5 days, which includes scrubs, retinol, and AHA/BHAs. Again, consult with your esthetician on which products are right for at-home use.

Will you be participating in peel season? Take advantage of the fall and winter months to get your skin more radiant than ever. Book now online or call us at (317) 853-6350.