How to Treat Mask-Related Acne

Masks have become a statewide requirement in public since July. With increased daily use of wearing a mask, clients are experiencing mask-related acne, dubbed as “maskne.” If you have breakouts, our skin care professionals at The Village Spa have rounded up a few suggestions for you.

1) Schedule Reoccurring Treatments

Facials are like working out for your skin. A targeted skin treatment can facilitate healing, strength skin barrier, and sooth inflamed acne. To get on the road to recovery from maskne, we recommend the following facials:

  • Dermaplane Facial: If your acne consists mainly of blackheads and very few inflamed spots, our dermaplane facial may be just what you need. Acne is a condition caused by excess oil production and dead skin cells. Our dermaplane facial not only removes your peach fuzz, but it also has the added benefit of manual exfoliation.
  • Chemical Peel: For more stubborn cases of acne, the Acne Peel provides an anti-bacterial benefit. Our peel decreases inflammation and reduces oil, resulting in clearer skin. Book a series of peels to get maximum results.

2) Buy Professional Products

Over-the-counter products may not be giving you the results you need. We recommend trying professional grade products sold at our spa. For starters, drugstore products are compromised of mostly water and low quality ingredients. Our professional only products use advanced delivery systems to penetrate deeper into the skin. Consider these retail favs for your next visit to the spa:

  • All Night Elixir: Have you always wanted to try retinol? The All Night Elixir from Sorella Apothecary aids in cellular turnover. The 1% Retinol formula is not just a gem for aging concerns, but also those pesky breakouts. Licorice root in the serum is also anti-inflammatory and evens skin tone.
  • Vitamin A Boosting Cream: For a nighttime spot treatment product, use our Vitamin A Boosting Cream from Circadia. Designed to target advanced signs of aging, this topical product doubles as a heavy duty spot treatment to clear stubborn breakouts.
  • The Pillowcase: In addition to topical products, we also suggest swapping your old pillowcase to our new pillowcases from Circadia. Designed to treat sleep lines and moisture loss, these physician-developed pillowcases may also help with acne caused by side sleeping, preventing that “maskne” region getting more inflamed.

3) Stay on Top of a Routine

Although these trying times don’t offer much in terms of consistently, the best thing you can do every morning and night is to stick to your skin care routine. At night, start your routine with a double cleanse as this will remove bacteria and help keep acne at bay. Aside from washing your face, make sure you are regularly washing fabric masks, using gentle detergents and avoiding fragrant fabric softeners.

Want to talk to a skin care expert? Get professional advice on how to calm your maskne. Schedule your facial at The Village Spa. Book online or call us at (317) 853-6350.