You may have heard or read about a new “shaving your face” trend that gives you amazing skin. But what is it, exactly? It’s called dermaplaning, and at the Village Spa in Carmel, IN, it’s extremely popular.

So, what is it?

Dermaplaning is an innovative and highly effective way of exfoliating the face. Unlike microdermabrasion—which uses crystals—dermaplaning uses a small blade-like tool to gently scrape away dry, dead, unnecessary skin. (You would be shocked at how much dead skin is just hanging out on your face!) This treatment immediately decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides a radiant, healthy glow to the skin. Dermaplaning also promotes new, healthy skin growth, a more even tone to the skin, and better absorption of skin care products.

What does dermaplaning feel like?

Almost like nothing. The procedure is very comfortable. A very light scrubbing sensation can be felt as the technician manually removes dead skin cells in small areas at a time.

Dermaplanning in Carmel
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What will my skin look like after dermaplaning?

When your skin is treated along with a chemical peel, dermaplaning will leave the skin instantly looking smooth, radiant, and glowing. That’s why this treatment is just the thing for a special occasion where you want to look great immediately—such as a date, a wedding, a party, a work function, or a reunion. Instant results!

Are there any side effects?

They aren’t common, but when side effects do happen, they are minimal and temporary. These can include redness, dryness, and flaking of the skin. To avoid risking these side effects, try not to exercise or exfoliate for 24 hours after your treatment.

How often should I get dermaplaning treatments?

For best results, treatments should be scheduled every two weeks for skin correction, and then once a month to maintain the results. However, you will see smoother and more radiant skin after just one treatment.

Who should get dermaplaning treatments?

Dermaplaning is great for anyone who wants instantly better-looking skin from a non-surgical treatment.  

Who shouldn’t?

Those who have active acne or pustular rosacea shouldn’t get dermaplaning treatments. Dermaplaning plus chemical peels are not recommended for those clients who are pregnant, lactating, or trying to get pregnant (due to the chemicals). However, dermaplaning alone is fine for them.


So why not give dermaplaning a try? The Village Spa provides the best professional facials in Carmel, Indiana! Call us at (317) 853-6350 to schedule an appointment, or check out our packages and memberships!