Get ready to fall in love with our new fall colors at The Village Spa! We’re happy to announce that we are offering both VINYLUX and gel polishes of the new colors from CND. Take a peak at the colors below, and call us now to schedule your manicure at (317) 853-6350.


What Type of Manicures Do You Offer?

If you can’t decide on which manicure to schedule, here is some additional information about our services:

  • Classic Manicure: This classic option is our most traditional manicure we offer. Our manicurists soak, buff, and shape your nails, and we also provide a luxurious hand massage. We paint your nails with the VINYLUX polish of your choice, which typically lasts a week.
  • Signature Manicure: Our signature manicure offers the same accommodating services as our classic manicure, and in addition, we also give you a hand massage with hot volcano stones. We’ll also exfoliate your skin with our custom scrub treatment.
  • Gel Manicure: If you want your polish to last closer to two weeks, then a gel manicure is the best option for long-lasting shine and durability. With a gel manicure, we’ll soak, buff, and shape your nails as we do with our classic option, and we also remove your existing gel polish and cure your nails with the new gel polish of your choice.

Do you have additional questions about our manicures and pedicures? Call us at (317) 853-6350 today, and we’ll help schedule your appointment for the service you desire.