5 Isolation Tips: What to Do Between Appointments

Are you trapped in a pattern of scrolling on social media or marathoning your current obsession on TV? At The Village Spa, we specialize in making our clients feel good with our massage, facials, and nail services. While you have a lull between appointments, it’s easy to let things go, but we’re here to remind you that self care is important during this time. For starters…

1) Do Daily Stretches

Working on improving your body’s tension doesn’t stop in the massage treatment room. Between your massage appointments, we highly recommend you wake up and do a few daily stretches to work out areas we tend to overexert, such as our shoulders, lower back, and hands. Many yoga studios are also offering virtual classes to help you unwind your body and your mind at home.

2) Step Up Your Skin Care Routine

When you’re looking into the mirror every morning and night, pretend you have the voice of your esthetician speaking to you from above. Are you neglecting healthy habits like cleansing your face, applying serums, and massaging moisturizer into your skin? Now’s the time to set a thoughtful skin care regimen, so when life picks up again, you already have established a set-in-place routine.

3) Be Gentle on Your Nails

You’re cleaning your house double time to ensure everything is sanitary. But are you forgoing gloves during all of this cleaning? We recommend that during these times of excessive hand washing and cleaning, you be gentle on your nails. Wearing gloves during cleaning is a must, and you can also stop dehydration from hand washing by using cuticle oils and lotions.

4) Grow Beautiful, Longer Lashes 

Now is a great time to try Revitalash, a lash serum that lengthens and conditions your eyelashes for better overall health. From our experience, results are noticeable within two weeks, and maximum results generally occur within two months. Emerge from your isolation cocoon in the spring with the lashes of your dreams! Contact us at (317) 853-6350 or message us for pickup and delivery options during our business closure.

5) And DON’T You Dare Tweeze Your Eyebrows

Listen: we know things can get a little dicey when you’re between waxing appointments. With that said, the mistake of over-tweezing your brows is one that you may never fully recover from (that’s where microblading comes in). Tweeze only the rogue hairs here and there that bother you, but please leave the general shaping and maintenance to your esthetician.

We can’t wait to serve you again in the near future! Please take this time to follow us on Instagram or Facebook if you haven’t already. We’ll keep you posted on when we’re open and ready to take appointments.